Pilates Classes, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal


At the Pilates Room Lagos we have 3 Reformers, 2 Wunda chairs, a Cadillac, a tower and a BASI systems ladder barrel arm chair combo.


Equipment classes are different to mat classes in that you are working against the resistance of the equipment enabling you to build strength, flexibility and stability in a controlled and effective manner.  The equipment is suitable for everyone, from a gymnast to a very elderly client.  Equipment classes are suited to those clients who are unable to get up and down from the floor as the equipment is raised.  The versatility is the beauty of the pilates equipment.

Classes are taught privately or four clients to one instructor (semi-private).  It is recommended that every client attend at least three private session before joining a semi private class.  This ensures a specific program can be designed for all clients.  This is based on past experience, past and present injuries and a posture assessment.

Pilates Classes, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal
Pilates Classes, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal


Matwork classes have a maximum capacity of 10 clients. This ensures that each client receives personal attention throughout the class. It is recommended that if you have never done pilates before that you attend at least one private session so that you benefit more from the group session.

Please call or e-mail to book an appointment.

“each client receives personal attention throughout the class”

Karen conducted a great matwork for a multi-level mat class for 3 family members. Thank you Karen for a great workout, personal attention and creative choreography.

– jody secules